Guest Feature: Lee Cordon of @DoSayGive

We're so excited to have Lee Cordon of DoSayGive here today to tell us about her favorite holiday traditions! DoSayGive is the source for around etiquette, great gift ideas, traditional style, and motherhood! 

Do you have any tips for families looking to start and keep traditions at key times throughout the year? 

Fewer is better! If we try to do “all the things” at Christmas, there’s a good chance we’ll end up feeling stressed and frazzled. That’s not something we want ingrained in our children’s Christmas memories — choose traditions that are worth your time and theirs. And stick to them year after year. I’ve found it’s the consistency of traditions that is both fun and comforting to children. 


What are your family's favorite Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions?

Nature walks have become part of our family tradition, no matter where we are — it’s good to walk off all that gravy and dressing, and get outdoors after a day inside! Classic books are part of holidays throughout the year, too. I’ve found that reading rich children’s literature encourages their innocence and broadens their minds. You’ll always find Christmas books in a big basket in our house that we read aloud throughout the holiday season. The Jesse Tree has also been a meaningful Advent tradition we’ve done since our girls were little. 


How can you best incorporate the whole family in traditions - i.e. little ones up to teenagers up to grandparents? 

My children range from age 4 to 14, and what I’ve found is that older ones love to help carry on the traditions for the little ones! They don’t want to see their childhood traditions fade away, so this gives them a chance to participate indirectly (but still allows them to feel mature and cool!). So involve them by giving them a task to keep the rhythm of the family going. 


We love the emphasis you share on intentional motherhood. Do you have any advice for how to best soak up and freeze time with these holiday memories in traditions? 

We have to make room mentally to savor these moments. I believe there is wisdom in planning and preparing for this busy season ahead of time. That’s why we started our Christmas Prep Club! Beginning in October, we start checking off holiday tasks to make space for the things that really matter during the holiday season. 

On that note, don’t be afraid to say “no” during the holiday season. As the invitations and emails start filling our inbox, remember to carve out enough time for your family’s time together (and down time, too). Sometimes the sweetest memories come in the unplanned moments. 

Overall, be encouraged that the late-night wrapping, the notes from Santa, or whatever little details you bring to your family, they may be exhausting now, but are not inconsequential. They add up to a love that isn’t just felt when children have pigtails and toy dump trucks, but one that they will feel decades later.



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