Guest Feature: Chanel Pazda, Coco On Fifth

We are thrilled to chat with interior decorator and new mother Chanel! From her favorite places to find inspiration, to starting traditions with her little one, Chanel brings a fresh eye to the classics. 

Hi Chanel! It’s so great to chat with you today. Tell us a little about yourself! How long have you been in the Interior Design and influencer space? 

I officially started Coco on Fifth in 2019 but had played around with the idea for a while. I finally built the courage to start the blog and I’m so happy I did. It’s evolved over time and it’s an example of not giving up on a dream, whether big or small. My main mission with the blog is to help women live elegantly across personal style and home décor. Last year, I launched an interior design business which I’m so excited about. I’ve really developed a passion for interiors and want to help people make their houses a home that reflects their personalities. I’m also all about the mixing, the higher end items with the more affordable items. I want to show those that follow me that you can live elegantly in an effortless way and does not require having to spend astronomical amounts of money on every item that you own. In a world where showing what you have has become second nature to many (thanks Instagram), it’s important to me to also show that less can be as exciting as more.  


You always have a fresh perspective on mixing classics with modern pieces. What is your go-to for interior inspiration?

I’ve always gravitated towards traditional interiors with American and European influences, there is so much class and elegance in this style that really speaks to me. For interiors I am always inspired by creatives such as Aerin Lauder, Mark D. Sikes, Lee Radziwill, Bunny Williams, and Deeda Blair. I think my travels and places I’ve visited have definitely influenced my taste and style today. You don’t need to go far either, visiting museums is always a great source of inspiration and they usually have new exhibits throughout the year. The Metropolitan Museum is one of my favorites!

How do you see your Petite Keep Classic Trunk functioning aesthetically in your home decor? 

It is such a classic piece to have, both from an aesthetic and functional standpoint. The color options are great, and I love that you can personalize the inside to make it truly yours. 


You are also a fan of our Milestone Collection! What is your favorite piece, and why? 

This new collection is so sweet and I really like the Milestone Book. It’s a great way to document the special moments with your little ones so you can look back and relive them. Call me old school, but we are in such a digital centric time it’s nice to have something that is tangible to document significant memories.


What are your favorite pieces you’ve packed in your Petite Classic Trunk? Do you have any heirloom pieces, or are you looking forward to packing away something special for future generations?

Right now my trunk is filled with Colette’s baptism gown which is over 40 inches long. Her gown is very special because my mom and I designed it and it’s made with very delicate lace so having a special place to store it was very important to me. I will be purchasing another trunk soon so she can use it when she is a little older to store her special toys :)

Chanel, thank you so much for chatting with us today! We adore the inspiration you provide on your Instagram account and Blog. Don't forget to follow Chanel for interior inspiration and so much more!!