Guest Feature: Emily Lucille Sather

We are so excited for another guest feature this week on the blog! We chatted with Emily Sather of, a lifestyle blogger based in Connecticut!  She recently got married to the man of her dreams, and was so sweet to share with us about her special day! 

Why was it important to you to have a place to keep everything?

When we got home from our wedding I had no idea where I was going to keep all the special keepsakes from our day. I didn't want to just put them in a box in our apartment and forget about them! I also wanted them all to be in the same place so I could find them anytime I needed them. I truly had been contemplating where to store all our items right when Petite Keep reached out about working together and was so excited! 

What memories from your wedding day are most special?

Some of the most special memories from our wedding day were definitely our first look, our ceremony which was performed by my brother and my dad's speech at dinner. Aside from those specific moments, when we downsized from 250 to 13 guests we were able to make our wedding into a 5 day getaway for our families. The time we got to spend together under one roof across those 5 days was the most special part of it all! 

Details about what’s in the trunk?

Our trunk is filled with so many special momentos. Some of our favorites are all the extra paper items like our menus and itineraries, the napkins we used, matchbooks, our toasting glasses, special champagne corks - including the one from the bottle we used at dinner to toast my dad's speech, wedding shoes, the cards Bill and I exchanged, my brother's ceremony script, a copy of our marriage license, polaroids, film photos - so many special things! 

What inspired your wedding decor? 

Our wedding decor was inspired by so many different things, but overall our custom wedding crest was what everything was really centered around. We knew we only wanted to use white blooms, greenery and Lily of the Valley when it came to florals, but we pulled in the blue from our crest for our wedding plates and other decor elements throughout the day. 

Details about your wedding day...

Where the bridal party got ready

When we downsized our wedding we opted to not have bridal parties. Our wedding was pretty non-traditional in the sense that it took place at a private home and that Bill, myself and all our guests were staying at the home (aka our venue) where we were married. That being said, Bill and I saw each other basically the whole day of our wedding. I got ready upstairs in our bedroom with the girls and Bill and the boys got ready downstairs! 

First dance song

Tired of Being Alone, Al Green 

Father-Daughter dance

Brandy (You're A Fine Girl), Looking Glass 

Venue significance

When we downsized our wedding we knew we wanted to go all out on the new location, so we opted for our favorite place -- Nantucket. Bill and I have been going on trips there since we started dating and there's just something so magical about the island. We wanted to share that with our families. 

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

Something old: 

I cut out a piece of my mom's wedding dress and sewed it into mine in the shape of a shamrock. My parents were married on St. Patrick's Day so this was a really special surprise

Something new: 

So many things! Dress, wedding earrings, a handkerchief from my mom, etc. etc. 

Something borrowed: 

Again, a piece of my mom's dress sewn into mine

Something blue: 

My wedding shoes! I wore the Camellia Bow High Heels in Blue - you can see them in my Petite Keep trunk!

Did you bury the bourbon to keep the rain away? 

We didn't but we probably should have considered we woke up to a severe storm the morning of our wedding! Crazy rain and wind!

What’s something that didn't go exactly as planned?

The weather. I woke up at 3 AM the morning of our wedding to the sound of so much rain and wind that I thought it had to be a joke! It's funny now but honestly, there will always be something that doesn't go exactly according to plan and it won't make a difference because your day will be great no matter what! 

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