Guest Feature: Mycah Hunter

Are you as excited for the holiday season as we are?! Mycah Hunter’s Christmas trunk put us in the holiday spirit! We had the pleasure of asking her some questions about her holiday trunks!  

Share a bit about what you chose to put in your PK trunks when styling:

  • Meaningful ornaments that were gifted to us while pregnant. Lively’s “for this child I have prayed” represents our long-awaited answer to prayer after we struggled with infertility and Cameron’s “It's a boy” ornament was nestled in our tree last year as we anxiously awaited his arrival.
  • A Nutcracker - taking Lively to see the Nutcracker for the first time this year.
  • Bauble Stockings 

What is your favorite Christmas tradition from childhood & with your own children?

Going to see the Nutcracker ballet with my grandmother {"Grannie"} and my mom. She took us every year until I started dancing in it myself at age 9 through my senior year of high school. I’m so excited to carry on this tradition with Lively and my mom (YaYa) this year!

How will you use your trunks around the holidays?

I’m planning to display them under the tree with a few small gifts tucked inside!

What is your favorite keepsake from your childhood?

Dresses that my Grannie sewed for me + my American girl dolls. I’m so thankful my mom held onto these special things for me so that I could pass them on to Lively.

What are a few top things you'll put in your children's PK long term?

Outfits they wore home from the hospital, hospital bracelets, Beaufort Bonnet bow swaddles, monogrammed baby blankets, engraved silver cups, Christy Britt ceramic crosses, first birthday letters, favorite baby doll/stuffed animal, first curl, first tooth, first pair of ballet shoes…. think I may need another trunk! :) 

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As a reminder, we are on preorder for Pink and Navy Grands and Pink Petites. If you'd like to still gift one of these for Christmas, we can send you a Petite Peek to gift - a small gift box with a fabric sample, trunk image, and your personalization details that you can gift your gift recipient to let them know their trunk is en route!!