Guest Feature: Sistered States

We are overjoyed to welcome Sarah Wintersteen to our blog feature! When we were looking for someone to partner with for a fun feature, Sarah immediately came to mind. She is the founder of Sistered States, a Wedding + Event Planning Company, as well as the Dallas Wedding Club! 

Sarah, we are so thrilled to chat with you today. Tell us a little about yourself, and how long have you been in the event planning business? 

Thank you so much for having me on the blog, I would love to share a little bit about myself! I just celebrated my 5 year business anniversary last month, and have been enjoying every minute! I grew up in San Diego, and moved to Texas for college, where I eventually started my wedding planning business! I named my company "Sistered States" as an homage to my home state of California and my new home state of Texas, while also incorporating a nod to the fact that I grew up with four sisters! But despite what most people think when they first hear my business name, none of my sisters actually work with me- my company is just me! 

Your portfolio is absolutely stunning. You clearly have experience in flawless execution with your weddings! What would you say is your signature touch when it comes to event planning? 

I love incorporating the personal details of my clients into their wedding design to create unique and personal statement pieces at their wedding! I recently had a client who played baseball, so we created an escort card wall full of baseballs where each guest got a hand-calligraphed baseball with their table number that told them where to sit! It was such a fun twist on a traditional seating chart that really spoke to them as a couple! 

How did the Dallas Wedding Club come about? How has fostering that community felt for your brand?

Dallas Wedding Club came about because I wanted to create a community of people getting married in Dallas, where they could lean on each other and learn from each other. I think sometimes planning a wedding can be a frustrating and difficult process, and social media has made it so we are convinced it is supposed to be this amazing, fun, and exciting process. I wanted couples to know that they aren't alone in their frustrations of wedding planning! Plus, it's always just fun to have an excuse to grab a drink with girlfriends once a week!  

We know you are a big fan of your Petite Keep Trunk! How do you see your Brides using a Keepsake Case or Trunk to store wedding memorabilia? 

I absolutely LOVE my Petite Keep Trunk! I think if one of my clients were to have a trunk, I would definitely recommend they store all of their wedding momentos in their trunk- items like invitations, cocktail napkins, toasting flutes, cake knives, garter, etc. And as a fun extra step, I think it is really fun when couples spray some of their wedding perfume into the trunk! Since scent is the sense that is most closely linked to memory- it will be a fun trip down memory lane every time they open their trunk and smell their wedding day scent! 

What are your favorite pieces you’ve packed in your Trunk? 

As a wedding planner, I like to keep little trinkets from the weddings that I do- whether that be an extra cocktail napkin or a name card, etc.- so I love having the Petite Keep Trunk as a place that keeps all of that safe! In my trunk right now, I have a few koozies, cocktail napkins, ring boxes, and even a baseball from the baseball wedding I mentioned earlier! It is a fun way to look back on all the memories I have made from the last 5 years of planning! 

Sarah, thank you so much for chatting with us today! Check out her fun content for us @PetiteKeep on TikTok, and make sure to visit her at @sisteredstates on Instagram, as well as her website.