Guest Feature: Stephanie Covington, A Life Well Saved

With summer on the horizon, we know you’re all planning fun vacations for your families. We chatted with Stephanie Covington, of A Life Well Saved. She is a great follow on Instagram, and she shared her best travel tips, tricks, and memory makers with us. 

Petite Keep is centered around experiences and memories - and as big fans of yours, we can tell you, too, love experiences - travel especially! Can you share with us your 3 favorite tips for planning a trip? 

Yes! I love to research everything about where I’m going through Voyager Club, Condé Nast, or Indagare. I take it a step further by stalking IG locations, restaurants & people who have traveled there. Then I create a Word Doc with all our restaurant reservations & planned activities. 

Can you share a bit about your background and what drives your desire for travel? 

My parents would take me on flights as a baby everywhere around the world. I was luckily a good baby who slept like well…a baby! I have an eclectic mix: my mom is Peruvian, my dad was British & I was born in California. They instilled the desire to travel in me and we lived all over: the Middle East, and South America & finally settled in Santa Barbara. 

We'd love to hear if there is anything you do specifically at each location to savor the memories! Do you collect anything specific, journal, or intentionally hold on to specific moments/memories? 

I take a gazillion photos! You should see my camera roll. I remember showing my uncle a few photos from a trip to Amalfi and he laughed because I had about 100 of the same angle/shot. Gotta get the good lighting and angle! 

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