Guest Feature: Sydney Carver

We are so excited for another guest feature this week on the blog! We chatted with Sydney Carver of the Summer Wind Blog, a lifestyle blogger based in Pittsburg!  If you follow her, you’ve seen her beautiful wedding (if not, go check out her Instagram!), and was so sweet to share with us about her special day! 

Why was it important to you to have a place to keep everything?

I think it's so nice to have everything all in one spot so I am able to look back on these special memories for the rest of my life. No digging around for something years from now, I know where everything is and it's all so neatly organized inside of my trunk! 

What memories from your wedding day are most special?

My favorite part of our wedding day was walking down the aisle. My nerves were building up as I was down in the bridal room of the church waiting for the moment to walk down the aisle (we hadn't done a first look so I hadn't seen anyone at this point!!). I could still hear the bagpiper playing outside of the church and the organ playing inside. My dad would peep out to tell me who all was there. My dad held onto me and us having our last few words before we started walking down the aisle were so special. Hearing Trumpet Voluntary blaring out of the organ pipes and the trumpet jumping in was like sensory overload! I loved seeing all of our family and friends in one room, especially after the separation of 2020. They all stood as they saw us come to the top of the aisle. 

Our original wedding date was supposed to be April 25, 2020, and we had to postpone so just knowing we had made it after being engaged for almost 3 years! That realization that it was actually happening was truly a pinch-me moment. Between the blusher over my face and the aisle being incredibly long, I couldn't really see my husband's face at first, so I was able to focus on our guests who were just beaming and many had tears in their eyes. To see our friends and family so truly and deeply happy for us felt so wonderful. I remember smiling so big but feeling my smile literally quiver as I became teary-eyed and just so overjoyed. It was a big release and mix of all of the stress and emotions from our postponement and the joy that it had all worked out in the end. Then as I saw my husband's face I was so happy that I am surprised I didn't burst!!!! He looked so handsome in his tux! Once we started walking up to the altar hand-in-hand, I felt this huge sense of calm just wash over me completely. It was the oddest but most wonderful sensation!! It all sounds so cheesy and so dramatic, but it was easily the best moment of my entire life. 

Details about what’s in the trunk?

Lots of mementos! Everything from our save-the-date to an invitation to postponement cards. Cocktail napkins, matchbooks, an embroidered handkerchief. Little mementos from our minimoon at The Greenbrier, some photos I had printed out. Our RSVPs with cute messages written out from loved ones. All of the cards from our family and friends that we received for our engagement, shower, and wedding. So many wonderful memories in my Petite Keep! 

What inspired your wedding decor? 

I wanted everything to be simple and timeless. Nothing overly fussy or over-the-top... just somewhat traditional! I collect Wedgwood jasperware pieces in blue and I used those pieces throughout our wedding day, so there was that element as well! We went with that jasperware blue throughout the wedding! I put one of the small pieces of Wedgwood Jasperware into my Petite Keep! 

Where the bridal party got ready: My house! I didn't have a traditional bridal party, just my sister as my maid-of-honor! 

First dance song: Beyond by Leon Bridges

Father-Daughter dance: Summer Wind by Frank Sinatra 

Venue significance: We got married in the church that I grew up attending and where I have received all of my other sacraments so that was very special to me. Our venue was at a downtown Pittsburgh private club called The Duquesne Club. This was my dream venue- they have the most stunning painted walls murals in the ballroom that make my jaw drop each time I see them! 

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue:  Something new was my wedding dress and a bracelet that my husband gave to me as a gift on our wedding day. Something old, borrowed, and blue was an aquamarine and diamond ring from my grammie. It's stunning but it's also so meaningful because my grandfather, who is no longer with us, gave the ring to my grammie for Christmas one year. I felt like I held a little of him with me throughout our wedding weekend! 

Did you bury the bourbon to keep the rain away? 

We didn't!! I have heard of that before, but I do think it's a Southern thing! However, maybe someone did bury a bottle for us in our honor because we could not have asked for more perfect weather! 

Any funny story of something that didn't go exactly as planned?

Honestly, every single thing went so smoothly. To this day I still can't believe nothing went awry!!! 

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