Holiday Artist Feature: Kate Gouws

Hi Kate! It is wonderful to be chatting with you today. Can you tell us more about you and your artistic background? How long have you been painting?

I’ve always loved to create and design, even from childhood. I was always scrapbooking, designing jewelry, headbands, etc. I graduated with my Bachelors in Fine Arts with a concentration in oil painting almost 10 years ago. Wow, time flies! My senior exhibition were these huge oil paintings: 5 - 7ft in width, so nothing really like what I do now! I began working in smaller-scale watercolor in 2019 and taught myself a lot about the medium through trial and error. The practice felt so delicate to me and really intentional unlike larger scale pieces I was used to. I feel like I am always growing in my understanding and skill in watercolor. It's an ever-evolving process! 

What was the inspiration behind the creation of this gorgeous design? What was your favorite part of the process?

All things Christmas! I love celebrating the holidays with family and getting caught up in the magic of Christmas. I created an organic design with free-flowing garland showing movement throughout which gives a whimsical feel to the pattern. The reindeer were a dynamic piece of the design. I situated them to interact with the garland as though they were all tangled up in it after playing around in the Christmas decorations. Overall I wanted it to feel childlike yet traditional, giving it a festive and timeless feel.


In a few words, tell us about your personal style! 

Delicate and feminine! I love to draw from more traditional pattern designs and add in a dash of fun. Incorporating delicate details into my style is one of my favorite things to surprise my clients with. I think there is something intrinsically personal about each painting I create, as if a piece of me is in each one!

What do you listen to while you create? 

In this fall season, I have Gilmore Girls playing in the background. Nothing like a hot cup of coffee and GG to get you in a good mood to create! 

Pencil or Paintbrush?

Paintbrush always, pencil when necessary!

Lastly, tell us about one of your favorite holiday memories? What will you store in your 2022 Petite Keep Holiday Trunk?

It has to be decorating the Christmas tree on the Friday after Thanksgiving. We would turn on White Christmas, make hot chocolate and hoped it would snow! (Rarely did this happen in New Orleans!) We pulled out the old shoe boxes filled with ornaments made decades ago and reminisce about our sweet family memories. I would probably have to keep those ornaments in my PK trunk! Such a sentimental and treasured part of Christmas! 

We love it! Kate, thank you so much for your time today. It has been such a pleasure working with you! #PKInspo lovers, don't forget to follow Kate on Instagram, and check out her website as well!