New Year's Resolutions: Get Organized

New Year's Resolutions: Get Organized


It’s the new year, and that means the resolutions are flying. Gurus to and fro are posting on blogs and social media telling you how to achieve x, y, and z. We certainly aren’t fitness gurus here, but we can offer a little help to your New Year’s Resolutions. Getting organized can often feel like a daunting task. The newborn stage really takes all the energy you have, and you just cannot be bothered to do anything that feels “unnecessary.” 

Although the newborn stage does come with exhaustion, it also comes with the sweetest memories– whether it’s your first or not, that stage of life welcomes more joy than you could ever imagine. Traditional scrapbooking is wonderful, and these books often become a piece in a lot of PKs, but where can you store your little one’s coming home outfit, christening gown, or silver pieces from family and friends? Tucking these important pieces away in a clear, plastic box feel sad and wrong. This year, get those special keepsakes organized with a Petite Keep.

Girl mama’s we know you’re always taking pictures of your baby girl, and now is the perfect time to gather those up and keep them safe and all in one place! Get rid of the clutter on the vanity and store your baby girl’s first pearls or gold bracelet in your trunk when she grows out of it. This way, she can pass it along to her children one day!

Boy mama’s out there, you’ve got so much fun to keep and remember with your wild boys! We always like to suggest your trunk be the place where you keep your babies silver, Herand, and other baby gifts you want to give to your grandchildren. Other heirloom things like monogrammed infant shoes are a really sweet “first” to remember when looking back at your trunk. Your babies “coming home” and Christening gowns can be stored safely in our Trunks and can be passed from generation to generation!

Brides, we didn’t forget about you!! We LOVE our PK Brides and have seen some of the most gorgeous wedding details in your trunks! Planning a wedding is chaotic enough, you don’t need any added stress during that season! Seeing the new monograms alongside your wedding date warms our hearts! It’s time to organize those shower invitations, special moments, and items you want to keep forever! 

We hope you feel inspired to get organized this season. We cannot thank you all enough for your support during 2021, and we are so excited for all the fun things to come in 2022. Stay up to date on what’s new with us by signing up for our texts and emails. For more information about shipping timelines, visit this link

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