Organization for the New Year: Keepsake Edition

With the New Year's arrival, it's time to refresh and renew our spaces, and what better way to do that than with PK?

 We're excited to help you organize your Keepsakes in a simple and beautiful way that will bring joy to your everyday life. Our Team has curated easy tips to make the process stress-free, enjoyable, and stylish!

Take a Picture

If an item is too large to store, but too sentimental to let go of, snap a quick photo! Whether you choose to print the photos or store them on an SD card, you can keep them in your Trunk!

Use the "Piles" Method

Make a pile for Keepsakes, donations, and trash. Whatever doesn't make the cut for your Keepsake pile can be kindly donated or discarded of.

Take Your Time

Choose an area of the home to begin with, like the dresser in your child's room or the bookcase in the study. As you make steady progress, you will avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Dedicate a Bag

As baby grows up, keep a bag in their closet or nursery to fill with items you want to keep forever. When the time is right, revisit each Keepsake from the bag and place into your Trunk.

Continue to Edit

Over time, revisit your Keepsakes. Continue to distill your items down to the important keepsakes that represent your most special memories!


With these few simple tips, you'll be able to start (and continue through) 2024 with organized ease. Happy New Year!


*Cover photo courtesy of NEAT Method.