Our Story: Font Library

Hi guys - Lindsay here! Petite Keep is a family, life, and memory-centric brand. We aim to inspire memories and cultivate tradition with each and every customer!! Memories are made in big and small moments - and today I am excited to share with you a few of memories that have helped shape the PK story!

Our PK font library is inspired by important locations in my family's life - homes, engagement, college towns, etc - places that evoke special memories!! 

Columbia: MIZ!! I am a proud Mizzou graduate and come from a family full of them! Columbia, MO will forever hold my heart as four of the best years of my life! 

Hudson: My husband Charles went to West Point which is located in the Hudson Valley. We started dating our Sophomore year, and we have the sweetest memories of our visits in New York! 

Cordillera: Charles proposed in Cordillera, CO!! 

Queen Anne: After college, we moved to Seattle - I started a career with Procter & Gamble and Charles began his military career at Fort Lewis! Our very first apartment was the sweetest bungalow in Queen Anne!

Spring: We called Colorado Springs home for one quick year - Charles' final year active in the Army and a year filled with a lot of skiing and hiking!

Eastlake: We lived in Chicago for 2 years - and it was the most energizing, exciting and full 2 years! We met life long best friends, took advantage of Chicago's world class city amenities (and restaurants!!), and most importantly, brought home our first baby! 

Northmoor: Our first home together in Saint Louis :)

Briarcliff: Inspired by our Saint Louis home and where we brought our third baby home! 

Thank you so much for your continued support, for sharing your memories with us, and for telling your friends about us! We are so grateful for this journey and love, love, love getting to connect with our customers!!
As a reminder, we are on preorder for Pink and Navy Grands and Pink Petites. If you'd like to still gift one of these for Christmas, we can send you a Petite Peek to gift - a small gift box with a fabric sample, trunk image, and your personalization details that you can gift your gift recipient to let them know their trunk is en route!!