Pop Culture That Inspires Us

We are always looking for inspiration to keep things fresh at Petite Keep. Things like hydrangeas, soft colors, and pop culture are ways we stay inspired. We love oldies but goodies, like the classic Nancy Meyers’ movies, people of pop culture, as well as new shows and movies. We’ve included some of our favorite places to look for inspiration, and we hope it sparks a little bit of joy and inspiration in your day. 

Nancy Meyers movies are known for their beautiful kitchens, living rooms, and loving storylines. And we love them for their interior design and cheeky, but loving, parenting. The whimsical, romanticized lifestyle of a Nancy Meyers movie is a dream. 

Annie, from Father Of The Bride, would keep her veil, her dried bouquet, a small Coliseum knick knack she got on her trip abroad to Rome, and her basketball shoes in her trunk to look back on the fond memories of meeting and marrying the love of her life, Bryan (despite the wedding planning being quite hectic).

Hallie and Annie, from The Parent Trap, have endless options for what to store in their trunk. We think their trunk would include the clippings of Annie's hair, their t-shirts from Camp Walden, and the picture of their parents from the QEII, as they cherish the chaotic time they spent reconnecting their family.

Amanda Woods, from The Holiday, would include the lipstick she wore the night she met Graham’s little girls, the cork from the wine she and Graham drank that night, and the Mr. Napkinhead's napkin to remember the moments that made her fall in love!

Kate Middleton is a huge inspiration for both fashion and family life through her dedication to The Crown and to raising up her children to the standards of the Royal Family!! We think Kate would keep her coming out gowns she wore after each of the 3 children were born, the gorgeous fascinators she wore for Pippa’s & Harry’s weddings, and of course, all of her beautiful jewels in her Petite Keep trunk. 

Midge Maisel of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a fashion icon! We are inspired by her ability to be fearlessly herself. She is a wonderful mother to her kids and dedicated to chasing her surprising passion in life, comedy. We love the fashion in the show, that late 50s/early 60s aesthetic is to die for! Her trunk would include the joke journal from Joel’s appearances at The Gaslight, the pyrex she cooked her bribery brisket in, and the pearls she wears with her signature black dress to commemorate the times she spent building her career as a female comedian with Susie.

Julie Andrews in all of her movies is an inspiration to be kind, graceful, and loving.

In The Princess Diaries, she plays the grandmother of a teenage girl, Mia, who didn’t know her family was royal. She extends grace and wisdom to Mia during the process of learning her role in the royal family. Her trunk would include the locket that Mia wears, the film canister from Mia’s engagement, and the clutch from Mia’s mustang to cherish the moments she spent getting to know her granddaughter.  

In The Sound of Music, Maria, played by Andrews, is a kind, loving nanny to 7 children. Their father is harsh and cold, but Maria teaches them more than just music, she taught them what it mean to be kind, passionate, and to have a little fun. Her trunk would include definitely the scraps from the curtains she used to sew for the children. 

In Mary Poppins, Andrews is the lovely nanny who encourages the children to live a fun life! Her trunk would have to include her umbrella and her magic purse! 

Whether it's clothes from Kate Middleton or Midge Maisel, or home decor from Nancy Meyers, how do you stay inspired?