Refresh Your Space, It's Time For Spring Cleaning!

Refresh Your Space, It's Time For Spring Cleaning!

So many of our customers tell us they love their trunks because their keepsakes and precious items finally have a place to live together, neatly packed away or on display. It’s the time for spring cleaning, you’re flipping your closets from winter to spring, so as your pilling through each piece in your closet, make a special pile of those keepsakes that got tucked in the back of a closet. 

Whether your kids are growing out of their baby clothes, you found your wedding shoes while cleaning your closet, or you just want to declutter, a PK trunk offers a sleek and classic place for you to tidy up while cherishing your special memories, all at the same time. 

Children's books in a PK Trunk

Have you ever gone in your kiddo’s room and seen a million books thrown all over the floor? Yeah, us too. We love how @dosaygive organized these children’s books in her PK trunk. Not only does this look a lot tidier than books all over the floor, but it also allows your kiddo to see the titles of all the books! 

Art Supplies in a PK Trunk

Whether you, yourself, are a full-time artist, you need space to store your children’s arts & crafts from school, or painting is a hobby you pick up during stay a home… we love seeing the many uses of our PK trunks! Storing artwork and art supplies in your PK is one a great way to keep it all neatly in one place!  

PK Trunk on a Children's Bookshelf

Do you want to keep your treasured trunks on display? Our trunks are a clean and simple bookshelf accessory. Storing your trunks like this is the perfect way to hide books and toys that may be hanging around in your kiddo’s room!

Wedding Memories in a PK Trunk

Picture this: you were ridding your closet of clothes that no longer fit, aren’t in style, or you simply just don’t wear. While you were cleaning out, you stumbled upon your veil in a box. You suddenly want to go find your wedding album, but you can’t remember where it is. You panic because then you remember how you can’t remember if your wedding shoes were at your mom's house or in your attic. Save yourself the panic!! We love how @emilylucillesather neatly organized all of her special wedding keepsakes in her PK! Shoes, champagne, invitations, handkerchiefs, and more!!

College Memorabilia in a PK Trunk

You need something sturdier (and larger) than a shoebox to store all your memories from the important stages in your life. College is not only the best four years of your life but also some of the most transformative years, too. You learn how to cook, live on your own, make friends based on *interest* instead of proximity. You learn how to be an adult! So often, customers will tell us they ordered a PK because the shoe boxes in their closets were bursting at the seams with pictures, knick-knacks, and other special pieces that evoke memories. It’s time to lose to the shoebox and have a larger, lasting place for your keepsakes. 

Let us know how you use your PK trunks! Thanks for reading, we are so excited you are here! Stay tuned for more blog posts, inspiration, and guest appearances! If you have any topics or people you'd like to see featured on the blog, email!

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