SGP For Petite Keep

A Note From Susan

Hi, y’all! I’m Susan Gordon and I am the founder and CEO of Susan Gordon Pottery. I live in a remodeled rancher in Homewood, Alabama with my husband, Jace, kiddos, Maison, 8 years old, and Maddox, 5 years old, and pup, Cricket. My aesthetic is classic at its core, but purposefully ever-evolving. I love creating and investing in quality, heirloom, bespoke handmade products that draw from old-world style but feel fresh and timeless. In 2019, my team and I opened the first Susan Gordon storefront in Homewood AL, including both a retail storefront and studio space for my team and I to continue practicing our craft. In 2022, we expanded our production and opened a second production space just down the street. 

One of my favorite aspects of what I do is getting to meet other rockstar business women through social media. About a year ago, Lindsay Mullenger of Petite Keep, reached out to me and we bonded over our mutual love of The Product Boss Mastermind. Lindsay is such a kind and easy-going person - I instantly felt close with her. So, when she reached out about possibly collaborating, I jumped at the opportunity! She was kind enough to let me fulfill a decade-long dream of creating my own fabric design to feature inside her bespoke trunks and on her beautiful tuffets. These pieces are already deeply treasured by my family and will most certainly be handed down from generation to generation. I could not be more proud to partner with Lindsay on this project, I truly feel we have created something incredibly beautiful and unique. 

About the Collab

Susan Gordon Pottery and Petite Keep have teamed up to create a limited-edition keepsake trunk and tuffet capsule collection. Each hand-assembled trunk and tuffet features a soft hydrangea floral fabric designed by Susan Gordon, playing off Susan’s iconic and cult-favorite hydrangea pottery. This collaboration is customizable and personalizable and will only be available through July 8th.

Rapid Fire With Susan & Lindsay

We've seen how you are using your children's trunks - how do you plan to use your personal SGP for PK trunk? 

Susan: I ordered a SGP for PK trunk to keep all my SGP memorabilia including my original watercolors, sketchbooks from years past, and a few of my very favorite "original" SGP pieces. This trunk is such a beautiful upgrade to the very un-chic cardboard bankbox everything is currently in! I have always been a sentimental person and love the pieces I have inherited from my family such as my French Great-Grandmother's tatting, my great-grandfather's hand-loomed blanket remnants, and my grandmother's quilting. I am tempted to get a fourth trunk to keep all of their heirlooms in as well. One thing that has become important to me as I have gotten older is the idea of passing down a legacy and treasuring objects that tell a life story. My hope is that my children's children will one day treasure these trunks that feature their grandmother's designs.

Lindsay: I beelined to the SGP for PK collection to make a trunk for my second daughter, Bella, who has a deep love of books. I plan to tuck away copies of her favorite titles every so often so that when she is 18, I have a gift of sweet literary memories to share with her. 

Also, would love to hear what your plans are for your SGP for PK tuffet! 

Susan: For the first time in my career, I have my own office!! In my office, I have a big mood board and am constantly using my chair to reach the tippy top. With the tuffet, I'll have a much more practical and also beautiful way to add to my mood board every day!

Lindsay: My PK Office is absolutely the first place I intend to use my SGP for PK tuffet! I am SO proud of what Susan and Petite Keep created together, and as someone who likes to work in maximum comfort - the SGP for PK tuffet helps elevate my current desk situation.   

What are some of your favorite annual traditions?  

Susan: Love this question! Every year I buy a new moleskin journal and sketch or journal almost every day. I love that I have journals that represent years of inspiration and plan to keep these in my SGP for PK trunk!

Lindsay: I am obsessed with celebrating - so I honestly have a hard time picking a favorite annual tradition across the span of so many wonderful holiday and everyday moments. That being said - picking out our Christmas tree each year hands down will be a core memory. 

What’s your idea of #PKinspo and staying inspired in your day-to-day life? 

Susan: #PKinspo is one of my favorite hashtags to follow - I love discovering new accounts through it and seeing who and what is inspiring y'all at Petite Keep - it truly inspires me every day! To me, #PKinspo is classic design elements recreated in a new and fresh way. Scalloped edges, soft florals, rooms filled with traditional details such as paneling, custom curtains, and wallpaper! 

Favorite holiday?

Susan: Christmas, no comparison! 

Lindsay: Christmas, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving ... how do I choose? Anything that centers around family, community, and gratitude is high on my list!!

White or Red wine?

Susan: Sparkling ROSE! And second favorite - RED!

Lindsay: I am a Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc girl for life! 

Does your family have any favorite traditions that surround everyday moments vs. holidays?

Susan: Every single night, my husband and I read to our kids. I think I can count on less than two hands how many times we have skipped this routine. It isn't always super long, but it is something we have done since they were tiny babies. 

Lindsay: Ever since they were babies, my husband has said to our chldren each and every night before bed "What do we do each day? We make people happy, learn something new, and get better at something." It's a sweet and simple reminder of our parenting values: kindness, curiousity, and growth. This summer I had a camp counselor mention to me Heidi was talking about it at camp and that felt like the sweetest full circle moment! 

Go-to nail polish color?

Susan: I love OPI's funny bunny and Coca-Cola Red!

Lindsay: I am totally here for the impulsive nail salon moment. I wish I could say I had a go to!

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