PK Team Picks: Our Founder, Lindsay

Have you been curious? What does PK founder and creator, Lindsay, keep in her PK trunks? Despite her busy schedule, taking care of her kids, and running your favorite keepsake brand, she took time to fill us in on her own trunk details and special keepsakes. 

What does your personal PK trunk look like? 

My wedding trunk is classic - white exterior, white interior, and white embroidery! I love the understated look to capture our relationship memories and am excited for it to be in our family for generations. 

What is currently in your PK trunk? 

Which one - haha :) Truly hard to choose between the PK trunks for my girls and the PK trunk I've built for my wedding, as I consider each of them treasures. 

My oldest, Heidi, is 5 and super sentimental, so it's always so sweet getting to take a peek at things from her newborn days (her first TBBC bonnet!) all the way up to her adorable artwork from preschool.

My wedding trunk is truly more of a life story trunk, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. My husband and I have been together since we were 19 and he deployed to Afghanistan, so I've kept a lot of our journey in that sweet Petite Classic Trunk. I cannot wait for our girls to share in those moments one day. One of my favorite pieces is a pocket photo album I sent with him on deployment to keep in his uniform so he could call upon some of our happiest days while overseas

When you aren’t working, what do you like to do? 

Anything related to family, fitness, or food! Snuggling up with my family is an absolute number one. 


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