Summer Memories ☀️

As summer comes to a close, and it's time to head back to school, we know there were memories made that will not be soon forgotten. Summer is always a magical time in life, longer days mean more memories. No matter what you did this summer, there is sure to be a highlight or two that you want to keep near and dear forever. Hold tight to these moments with a "Summer Memories" PK trunk.

Summer Highlights From Lindsay:

The Mullengers at The Beach

Summer is simply the best! As a young family, our summers have looked so different from year to year as my babies became toddlers who became little kids, and I must say, we are having the very best time embracing our summer bucket list now that my oldest is five! 

4th of July with the Mullengers

Summer 2022 will be one for the books, across a few fun family trips to Florida and Wyoming, so many pool days and ice cream runs, and our two summer family projects - the Do Say Give Book Club and our Mullenger Family Summer Bucket List. 

Bella, Heidi, and Louise Mullenger

I have a few sweet things to tuck away in honor of all the special, sticky summer memories we are making, but most notably will be the sweetest artwork we made through the Do Say Give Classic Children's Book Club, our summer bucket list calendar so we can remember all the cute ideas for activities our kiddos had, and last but certainly not least, I know my girls will be adding their coveted crystals they brought back home from our trip to Wyoming - because who doesn't bring back special souvenirs from family vacay! 

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