The Life Of An Order

The life of an order begins with you! You take the time to carefully pick from our trunk colors, font choices, beautiful fabrics, and more. Because you spend time considering and reconsidering what trunk fits your life and your memories best, it is of utmost importance to us that your trunk is cared for from start to finish. A lot goes into the love and care that is a Petite Keep trunk, from your home to our warehouse, and back to your home. 

Once we receive your order, we go straight to embroidering! Double checking thread color, font color, and of course, placement! It is so important to us that your trunk arrives looking just how you imagined!

Once the embroidery is finished, we go straight into lining your trunk. It is always a joy to see the combinations each family chooses for their keepsake trunk! 

Your trunk is now fully assembled!! How exciting! At this stage, we run through our last check to make sure everything is correct. And now, your trunk is ready to ship! 

We carefully wrap your trunk in bubble wrap and table it tightly for safe shipping! No dents or dings throughout the rough process that is shipping! 

Your trunk is on its way! It will arrive right at your door, ready for memories to be kept forever and ever! It is our absolute privilege to be a part of your family sweet memories and to provide you with a special place to keep them! 

We can’t thank you enough for your support and we can’t wait to continue to offer you these special ways to keep your precious, important memories. As a reminder, we are out of Pink & Navy Grand trunks that will be able to ship by Christmas! For those who want a Pink or Navy Grand, we offer Petite Peeks for you to gift this holiday season.