Valentine’s Keepsakes

There are so many things in this life that we hold near and dear to our hearts. Memories with our siblings, parents, friends, significant others, and children. As a mother, so much of your time goes to thinking about and caring for our kids, but it’s so important to remember the times when you were falling in love with your person. That’s when we got to thinking, how cool would it be to dedicate a trunk to couples! 

Break out this trunk on anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, even show your children what life was like when you first met or started dating your spouse. (Hello 2020 couples!! Drop a newspaper headline in this one!!) Once life gets crazy with kids, memories can fade. Keep them alive with a Petite Keep for you Valentine! 

First Date:

Where did you go to dinner on your first date? If you really thought ahead, maybe you even saved the receipt! Did he bring you flowers? What about a fun activity, like ziplining or hiking? 

Ticket Stubs: 

In our digital world, movie ticket stubs are few and far between (essentially obsolete, at this point!), but in the spirit of keeping memories alive, print out screenshots of your tickets. Whether it be movies, concerts, or sporting events, these are all special memories! 

Dried Flowers: 

If you’re the super-organized type, maybe you saved petals from all the flowers throughout the years (or caught the dead ones from all the orchids you’ve killed throughout the years 🙋‍♀️). The act of giving flowers never fails to warm hearts. See all the times your significant other brought you flowers - whether you were sick, celebrating, or just because!

Love Letters:

Who votes to not let love notes die in our digital world!? We certainly do! Sicky notes on the mirror, love letters between long-distance couples, birthday cards, and for all you high school sweethearts our there, notes in the locker! A handwritten note goes a long way, and it’s one of our favorite keepsakes to cherish! 

Old Photos: 

The obvious choice here is to keep old photos of you two in your trunk - your first photo, your engagement photos, wedding photos, and again, for all you high school sweethearts, prom photos! 

Wedding Memories:

Lastly, all your wedding keepsakes! Cocktail napkins, koozies, photos, champagne bottles, invitations, the list goes on and on! You spend so much time and effort on the little details of your wedding day, it’s important to make sure they have a special place!!

What else would you include in a Valentine’s PK Trunk? How long did you date your spouse before getting married? We want to know!! Let us know on Instagram!! Thanks for reading!