Weddings In Pop Culture

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we thought it would be fun to share our favorite weddings in pop culture! As you may already know, we are always looking for inspiration to keep things fresh at Petite Keep. Whether it’s hydrangeas, soft colors, or pop culture, we are always finding new ways to stay inspired. We love oldies but goodies, like the classic Nancy Meyers’ movies, people of pop culture, as well as new shows and movies. We’ve included some of our favorite pop culture weddings, but we want to hear your favorites, too!

Royal Weddings may be the loveliest pop culture weddings! Are you one of the ones who wake up early to watch and sip coffee out of Royal Crown Derby china like us? There is so much history behind royal weddings, and the details never fail to impress us!

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry defied many royal traditions. Major celebrities were in attendance, including Oprah, Serena Williams, and Elton John. Prince Harry wore a military uniform at the altar, and Meghan wore a beautiful, simple off-the-shoulder gown. 

Perhaps the most anticipated royal wedding since Prince Charles married Diana, Prince William and Kate Middleton marries in 2011. Prince William wore the Colonel of the Irish Guards uniform and Kate wore a beautiful long sleeve lace gown. 

Princess Beatrice of York and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi married on July 17, 2020. The ceremony was only attended by a few family members, including the Queen and Prince Philip,  Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, and Princess Eugenie. Beatrice wore the same tiara that her grandmother, the Queen, wore to her wedding 73 years ago. She also wore a dress that belonged to the Queen. The “secret garden” theme led to a beautiful flower arch around the door to the private family chapel.

We think each of these brides would include their dried bouquets, all the photos, and tiaras in a Petite Keep trunk!

Carrie & Mr. Big’s wedding in the first Sex and The City movie is the definition of chaos! What started out as a simple courthouse wedding turned into a huge affair at the New York Public Library. In her custom Vivienne Westwood dress, Big leaves Carrie at the altar because he is overwhelmed by the press around the wedding. Ultimately, the couple gets married as they originally intended, at the courthouse in the original, vintage, brand-less white suit and of course the (now) iconic blue Manolo Blahnik shoes. Carrie’s PK would HAVE to include her iconic shoes, the page 6 article, and Big’s poetry book.

The most chaotic of weddings, however, is definitely in Bridesmaids! Surely there is a lot about the season of engagement that Lillian wants to forget, but ultimately she and Doug have a beautiful wedding! Whether it be the fight at the shower, a dress fitting incident, or getting kicked of the plane, Lillian is a good sport through it all. In her trunk, she would include the shower invitations, the plane tickets, and her insane wedding dress because after all, laughing at yourself can make any bad situation better! 

Nancy Meyers movies are known for their beautiful kitchens, living rooms, and loving storylines. And we love them for their clothes and cheeky, but loving, parenting. We love the whimsy, romanticized lifestyle of a Nancy Meyers movie.  Annie, from Father Of The Bride, would keep her veil, her dried bouquet, a small Coliseum knick knack she got on her trip abroad to Rome, and her basketball shoes.

Maggie, the titular runaway bride, had run from 3 weddings as soon as she approached the altar. When she meets a journalist, Ike Graham, she is faced with the challenge to stay instead of running. After ultimately proposing to him, the couple ends up happily married! Maggie has a ‘keepsake’ box where she keeps the rings from her past engagements, but we don’t think those would make it into her PK trunk! Only happy memories between Ike and her!

Whether it's perfectly sweet like a Royal Wedding or chaotic like Bridesmaids, which pop culture weddings are your favorite? Let us know over on Instagram! Thanks for reading!