What To Keep In Your Trunk

Hey everyone, happy friday! Welcome back to our blog! We’re ready to answer all the questions about what do you even keep in your trunk?

If you’re new around here, hi! Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here! We wanted to introduce ourselves as a brand. We are Petite Keep, a keepsake brand inspiring memories and cultivating tradition. We are reimagining the keepsake category through modern personalization, curated aesthetic, and intentional design. 

We think our trunks can be used for any person at any stage in life. Whether you’re expecting, have teenagers, or elementary school kids; maybe you just go married; or you graduated from college; a Petite Keep trunk is just what you need to capture the memories of your big milestones. 

Boy mama’s out there, you’ve got so much fun to keep and remember with your wild boys! We love how this mama included a stork pillow from when she was expecting her little boy!

We always like to suggest your trunk be the place where you keep your babies silver, herand, and other baby gifts you want to give to your grandchildren. Other heirloom things like monogrammed infant shoes are a really sweet “first” to remember when looking back at your trunk.

Your babies “coming home” and Christening gowns can be stored safely in our Trunks and can be passed from generation to generation!

Lastly, for a little man, keep his first sports toy to pass on to his kids and remember the days of goofing off in the backyard! 

Girl mama’s we know you’re always taking pictures of your baby girl, keep her photo album (or loose photos) in your trunk! This is a safe, all-in-one place to store your pictures to show generations to come!

Store your baby girl’s first pearls or gold bracelet in your trunk when she grows out of it. This way, she can pass it along to her children one day!

We all know and love those precious diaper covers, and your trunk is a sweet place to store and remember those sweet (but not-so-sweet) days when your little girl was tiny enough to fit in a diaper!

A fun little something to keep is your little girl's “My First Purse” often given from Santa, grandparents, or aunts! This little purse is a hilarious toy that every little girl will love! 

Lastly, our beautiful, blushing brides! A Petite Keep trunk is just the thing you need to keep your memories of your special day all in one place. Wedding shoes, preserved bouquet, handkerchief, cups + koozies, invitations from your showers, parties, and luncheon, we could go on! We love an all white box, with the white dotted swiss & lace trim. Select your wedding color and your new monogram! And savor those memories forever! 

Thanks for checking out our blog today! Stay tuned for more blog posts, inspiration, and guest appearances! If you have any topics or people you'd like to see featured on the blog, email hello@petitekeep.com! 

We hope everyone has the best weekend! Stay safe and make some memories!