Which PK Is Right For You?

Are you wondering which PK trunk is the right choice for you? We’re here to help! We offer 3 unique trunks and cases, plus our tuffet which we love!! 

First up, the Grand Classic Trunk is our largest trunk offered. This trunk is perfect for storing your little one’s treasured toys. Whether you store them to function as a toy chest or to keep the toys to pass through generations, the Grand Classic Trunk is for you. Measurements: L23.6" x W14.1"x H9.4"

Our best seller is the Petite Classic Trunk. It’s perfect for easily storing your many cherished items, whether it’s from your wedding, college, or for your babies, this trunk is easy to store. It looks beautiful on a bookcase or in your child’s bedroom. Measurements: L20.4" x W10.2" x H7.8"

Our Keepsake Case features dividers and organizing pockets, making it perfect for the Type A personality! The case is leather and can be embossed with your kiddo’s name. We love seeing these used for organizing dolls and their accessories! Measurements: L18.3” x W12.8” x H6.7”

The PK Tuffet is what you need for your little one’s nursery, bedroom, or bathroom! It is perfect to reach higher items or can be used as an extra seat for bedtime stories. We also love to see kiddos using our tuffet to help with daily tasks, like turning off lights and brushing teeth! Dimensions: L14.5” x W10.75” x H10” 

Thanks for reading, we are so excited you are here! Stay tuned for more blog posts, inspiration, and guest appearances! If you have any topics or people you'd like to see featured on the blog, email hello@petitekeep.com! 

As a reminder, we are on preorder for Pink and Navy Grands and Pink Petites. If you'd like to still gift one of these for Christmas, we can send you a Petite Peek to gift - a small gift box with a fabric sample, trunk image, and your personalization details that you can gift your gift recipient to let them know their trunk is en route!!