Your New Baby Shower Essential

Having the honor of planning a baby shower is one of the most exciting things! Our dear friends and family celebrating new life never gets old! Your Petite Keep Trunk is your new baby shower essential! We’ve seen so many great examples of people using their PK at a shower, and we wanted to share them with you! 

Use your Petite Keep Trunk as a vessel for collecting gifts! We love how neatly this customer packed her trunk with the new mom essentials like diapers, books, bibs, bows, and pacifiers! This trunk goes from being a gift box to a keepsake trunk with ease. 

Pack your trunk out and use it as a display piece or centerpiece on your gift table! Load it up with small gifts and notes for your baby to read one day! 

A unique idea is using your Petite Keep trunk for announcing the name and gender of your baby! Put your trunk on display for all to see who will be joining the family one day soon! 

We are seriously so grateful and honored to be a part of your little one’s life. It is our joy to see the unique ways all of our customers use their PK trunks! Keep sending in your pictures - it truly never gets old!