Behind The Design: Meet Stephanie From Little Blue Designs

This Spring, the Petite Keep Team took an inspiring trip to Palm Beach, Florida! The destination was a vibrant blend of charismatic decor and old world charm. We had a ball together; from co-working to recap our incredible 2023, to on-site visits and lovely dinners, the Creative Team pulled so much inspiration from all around town. Our imaginations ran wild as we observed the mix of different wallpapers, tropical florals, colorful furniture, and architectural elements that grace every corner of this Southern beach town! After the trip concluded, we ideated together and the mood boards behind our Island Hopper and Palm Beach Paradise prints came to life! 
The next step was determining an artist to work with to bring these ideas to life in a way that felt true to our Petite Keep DNA. It only took one meeting with the fabulous Florida-native, Stephanie Troxler, to know she’d be the perfect artist to cultivate these prints. With her bright, beautiful design style, Stephanie immediately understood what the PK Team had in mind as she brought our vision to fruition with her unique touch and cheerful approach.
Stephanie's designs evoke memories as she draws inspiration from her days spent at the beach on the water. From the classic blue and white toile embedded with sailboats to the iconic pink and green that is quintessentially Palm Beach -  Stephanie embodied all the summer traditions we wanted to nod to through each of these designs.
It is now our honor to introduce you to Stephanie of Little Blue Designs US!
The Palm Beach Fabrics are full of lively colors which radiate happiness and cheerful memories! Can you describe you approach to creating these + what inspired them? 
So happy to hear you describe them in that way! I usually gravitate towards bright color palette because I want my designs to evoke happiness. My inspiration comes from everyday coastal living in South Florida. So many of my memories consist of days spent at the beach and on the water. For the Island Hopper print, I wanted to design a coastal inspired toile in a classic blue and white color scheme. My favorite part about this print is the significance of the numbers on the sailboats. I chose numbers that are particularly meaningful to my family like our anniversary and the year our daughters were born. The foundation for the Palm Beach Paradise print was the color combination of pink and green, which is iconically Palm Beach. I pulled inspiration from the natural elements that you would typically find in Palm Beach like the traveler’s palm, scallop shells, and orchids.
At Petite Keep, we love sharing the Traditions that make life a little more special! What traditions have you started as a family, and what do they mean to you?
We have a few traditions that come to mind, but I think my favorite has to be our birthday at the beach tradition. Ever since our twin daughters turned 2, we take the Friday of their birthday week off and spend the day at the beach together. We order lunch from our favorite spot on Anna Maria Island and soak in some family time. I love looking back at the photos every year and reflecting on those special memories we made together.

And now for the fun part - our PK Quickfire Question Challenge!

What was your first job? Babysitter
What is something that recently moved you? Balanchine’s Emeralds performed by the Sarasota Ballet. I was captivated by the performance and the costume design was exquisite.
After-hours drink of choice? French 76
What is one thing you still have from your childhood? My first pair of ballet slippers from when I was 3.
What does creativity mean to you? The ability to express yourself in a way that is uniquely you. Everyone is creative and exploring that side on a regular basis is essential to our happiness.
What is one goal you are determined to achieve? Making a habit of going to bed at a reasonable hour.
It’s brunch! What's your order? The salty/savory option with a mimosa of course.
Favorite Holiday? Halloween. My Birthday is the week before Halloween, so ever since I was little, I would get excited when I would start seeing the decorations in stores. I have so many fond memories of costume birthday parties and trick or treating with family and friends.
What music are you streaming right now? I typically listen to alternative reggae when I paint.
What's your favorite family tradition? Birthday at the beach
Something you want to pass down? My wedding dress
DIY or Store Bought? I love a good DIY, but I’m pressed for time these days, so store bought.
Favorite gift you've received? So grateful to God for all the gifts in my life, especially my husband and children.
Current favorite Instagram follow? @reallittlemeals
How do you document the years? Pics, journals, keepsakes? Mostly pictures on my phone, but I was recently gifted these beautiful albums that I will be filling with printed photos.
What is your favorite 'homegrown' tradition (i.e. DIY, easy/quick)? Mummy dogs on Halloween. We wrap crescent dough around hot dogs, bake them, and use ketchup and mustard for eyes
Stephanie, it was so much fun getting to chat with you!  Be sure to follow her on Instagram and check out Little Blue Designs here! 
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